ClearProp is more than just a static report, it is an interactive property and valuation tool. Also, ClearProp is the first product at Clear Capital to be offered in the new Portal. The main purpose for the tool is to value properties across the country. With a simple interface you first begin with the subject property and photos. From there, you can learn about the market or dive right in and explore the best comparables available.

We built this tool based on 20 years of experience in valuing properties. Using data, analytics and applying the sales comparison approach ClearProp is a D-I-Y valuation tool built for lenders and investors. This tool is used by many real estate professionals today to help value a wide range of properties. By eliminating the need to log into multiple systems to get basic information, it is served in seconds that way you can start evaluating your next property.

Another key point to highlight is all this information is available as part of a subscription. Ask about our subscription pricing and latest promotions by contacting

A powerful tool, at a great price and easily available through the Portal, we will help you streamline your loan process.

Go to and start a free trial of ClearProp today!