NOTE: This post will focus on ordering ClearProp from If you are ordering from click here for instructions.


There are 2 ways of ordering ClearProp and both are simple but they require some guidance. For first time users most likely they will start with the main page. Also, if you belong to an organization, you might prefer ordering from the properties list. To learn about different account types click here.

From the home page:

  1. Type in an address and select “Start”
  2. After the search, users will be on the property overview page with some basic information and scrolling down we talk about some of our products.

    NOTE: currently the Portal will only order ClearProp but in the future we plan on adding more products. If you need to order other products from Clear Capital, please go to
  3. On the property overview page the user needs to log in or create an account (look at how to create an account question)
  4. After the user logs in, they can select Buy Now button on the ClearProp promo banner underneath all the characteristics.

  5. After selecting Buy Now, ClearProp will load (assuming you have free credits, credit card on file or belong to an organization).

From the Properties List – Quick Order:

For customers that have placed orders or select Properties in the navigation (top left corner) can order ClearProp from the properties list (past orders).

  1. Select “Order ClearProp”

  2. An address field will display

  3. Type in an address and tracking # (optional) and select Buy Now
  4. After order has been placed, the new address will appear at the top of the list.

  5. From here users can select the row to go to ClearProp or select the download icon from the last column to download a PDF.