Welcome to the new ordering site for Clear Capital. We will begin our support posts with going over the different ways to create an account. This new site does not have username and passwords but instead we use a secure method of sending you a 6-digit code or use your preferred federated account (Google, Facebook, or Amazon).

NOTE: if you plan on ordering ClearProp from secure.clearcapital.com, then this information will not apply to you. Also, accounts and orders placed on secure.clearcapital.com CANNOT be found in the new portal. The 2 systems are uniquely different and don’t read orders from the same source.

There are 2 types of accounts we support: individual accounts and organizations accounts (org for short):

Account Type Number of users Payment Method
Individual Account 1 Credit Card
Organization Account unlimited Monthly Invoice

Also, when creating an account with a phone number for the first time, you will get 10 free credits! 1 free credit equals 1 free ClearProp.

Individual account:

  1. Navigate to https://portal.clearcapital.com in your web browser
  2. Select ‘Start Free Trial’ in top right corner

  3. This is where users can determine how they want to create an account:
    • Phone Number (the only way to get 10 free credits)
    • Email 
    • Federated Account (Google, Facebook, or Amazon)
    • After you provide a phone number or email address, look for a 6 digit code that will allow you to log in

    • Get 10 Free Credits!

Organization account:

  1. NOTE: if your company would like to demo ClearProp before committing, please have individuals from your company create individual accounts with mobile numbers to get free credits. When we create an org, we can search by phone number (2.c.ii) and merge them under a single organization.
  2. Contact onboarding@clearcapital.com or sales@clearcapital.com 
  3. Be ready to provide your organization information to expedite the onboarding process with:
    1. Company Name
    2. Contact Information
    3. User/s to add
      1. First and Last Name
      2. Phone (user will use this to log in)
      3. Email (user will use this to log in)
    4. Billing information
  4. After the organization is created, users can log in and begin ordering ClearProp!