The new ordering site is similar to the previous ordering site with a few tweaks. Overall, it is simpler and has a clean interface. There are a few things we are going to cover to get users familiar with navigating the site.

Navigating to various pages:

The primary way of navigating the site is using the breadcrumbs on the top left corner:

Reading the options from LEFT to RIGHT:

  1. Clear Capital logo will navigate to the main page for the portal.
  2. Properties will navigate to a properties list of past orders. Here users can view past orders and download ClearProp PDF without loading the product. 
  3. The address will navigate to a property over page. This is where users can preview the subject before ordering a product. On this page we display:
    • Subject Characteristics from Public Records
    • Last sale information (Sale Date and Sale Price)
    • Similar Homes button – uses our robust comp engine to bring the best similar homes to the subject.
  4. ClearProp simply indicates what product you are looking at based on the address.

Menu options:

NOTE: if you notice a red dot next to the user icon,

this is because we do not have all required information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Please read How to update your profile to turn off the red status indicator.

Menu Items include:

  1. My Profile – this is where you can manage your profile information.
  2. Payment Method – find your credit card information or update credit card when necessary.
  3. Contact Support – quickly brings up contact information for our support team.
  4. Sign Out – by default the system will keep you logged in and in the background will refresh necessary tokens to keep you logged in but if you do need to log out, simply select this option.