ClearProp has access to assessor and tax data along with listing and market data. This data is what appraisers use to value a property. We aggregate all this information in seconds instead of spending hours looking for it. The benefit of having this information in ClearProp is the layout allows users to compare between different data sources and determine which data source to use.


To compare between various subject data sources:

  1. go to the Subject tab (first tab)
  2. Scroll down to Property Details
  3. Notice the orange dots after a characteristic name
  4. These orange indicators highlight that there is a discrepancy between data. We are not highlighting that one data source is accurate vs the other simply highlighting any discrepancies. As a user, you can determine which data source you will use as absolute truth.

    In the example above, notice Baths and Lot Size differ between Public Records and Listing information.