There are 2 ways to export/download a PDF. One is to simply export from ClearProp and the other is to export from the Product Portal properties list (if you need help navigating in the portal, please see help post).


When exporting a PDF from ClearProp, there are options that allow users to define what the output report should look like. This is important if users need to share a document with investors, borrowers, team members, or whomever they are working with. The parameters make it so that you can show or hide pieces of the report that may distract the person you are sharing the report with.


The export a PDF from the Portal (this is not an option for users on

  1. Select the Properties link from the top left corner
  2. Locate the address you need
  3. Select the last icon with the download icon and download your PDF


When exporting from ClearProp, this is where you have all the options. 


  1. Navigate to ClearProp 
  2. Select Export PDF from top right corner
  3. Review your options:
  4. Select export when complete.